Hedeman Tackles a Tough Draw

DENTON, Texas – July 3, 2018 – Tuff Hedeman, four-time World Champion bull rider, pro rodeo Hall of Famer, Executive Producer of the upcoming feature film Tough Draw, was in West Texas this past weekend scouting shooting locations with Atonement Entertainment.

Hedeman has partnered with Atonement Entertainment’s Bradley Hughes and James Trawick to make a feature film that embodies the spirit of the modern-day cowboy and authentically represents bull riding and the heart of the community that embraces it. Hughes and Trawick both reside in the heart of Texas and have strong ties to the rodeo community.

Tom Baker, James Trawick, Ralph Miller and Tuff Hedeman discussing location options for upcoming feature film Tough Draw

Hedeman, a bull rider, and owner of the Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding Tour will be featured on the big screen for the second time in his storied career. Hedeman is once again at the heart of a bull riding drama, which will continue his legacy of inspiring the next generation of bull riders. Hughes is a native of Lubbock and draws inspiration for the film from his childhood summers spent at his grandfather’s ranch in the west Texas town of Fluvanna, Texas.

The film’s scouting trip began in Lubbock at local businessman and stock contractor Tom Baker’s ranch followed by a look at Post’s Rodeo Arena, and then onto the campus of Texas Tech University as possible filming locations. The next day; the crew toured Western Texas College and county arenas in Snyder followed by a stop in Gail at businessman Ralph Miller’s ranch.

Wacey Cathey and Tuff Hedeman

The pioneer of the sport of bull riding ended the day greeting fans attending the grand reopening of the legendary West Texas cafe venue, The Coyote Country Store. Owner Becky Justice invited Hedeman who brought infamous bull rider and Big Spring resident Wacey Cathey along as they celebrated Cathey’s 65th birthday and attended the Johnny Lee concert on Friday night.  An avid “Texas Country” music fan, Hedeman is frequently spotted on music stages as he was Saturday night.

Tuff scouting the Scurry County Rodeo Arena in Snyder, Texas

Since his retirement from competition in 1999, the bull riding leader has been producing bull riding events that have been thrilling audiences with his two-hour adrenaline rush entertainment style punctuated with the two things he knows fans want to see – big bull rides and high scores.

For three decades Tuff Hedeman has been a part of providing opportunities for bull riders and the result is evident. Many of the bull riders who have earned the title of World Champion have benefited from his devotion to bull riders…on and off the chutes.

Hedeman was one of the original founders of the PBR and served as the first President of the PBR from 1992 to 2004 and he was President of the CBR from 2005 to 2011. Hedeman is a four-time world champion with three PRCA titles (1986, 1989 and 1991) and the 1995 PBR world champion. He was inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in 1997 and awarded the PBR Ring of Honor in 1999.  Hedeman retired from bull riding competition in 1998 after a neck injury.

Hedeman began his career in professional bull riding in 1981 and retired in 1999 and is recognized within the industry as a staunch supporter of the sport and the professional bull rider as a professional athlete. Over the past 28 years, he has proven to be a tireless and versatile event producer with an incredible ability to connect with people and fans from all walks of life.

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