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March 17, 2019

Out of Order Studios Joins Team Tough Draw

Chad Gunderson and Chris Juen have joined on to bring their experience in the industry to Team Tough Draw. Bringing decades of experience from both the studio system and the ind...


August 29, 2018

Lane Frost Brand

We were honored to have the Lane Frost Brand reach out to us over social media. Since those first conversations we have been working with Stetson (as well as the Frost family) t...


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Hedeman Tackles a Tough Draw

Hedeman has partnered with Atonement Entertainment’s Bradley Hughes and James Trawick to make a feature film that embodies the spirit of the modern-day cowboy and authentically represents bull riding and the heart of the community that embraces it. Hughes and Trawick both reside in the heart of Texas and have strong ties to the rodeo community.

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